Overview of the FLIPHTML5-viewer functions:
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How to find a stamp set by page-number search (page index):

Find the set you are looking for in the index and its page number.
Then click in the page number field, type the page number, and press <Enter>:

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How to find a stamp set by scrolling/flipping the pages:

The easiest way to scroll through the pages are by using the mouse wheel.
You can use the arrow buttons on your keyboard, or click on the arrows in the viewer:

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How to find a stamp set with the thumbnail fuctionality:

Click on the <Thumbnail> button, and a band with thumbnails of the pages will be displayed  across  the viewer.
Use the mouse pointer to drag the slider bar, or simply click on the band  and drag right or left.
Click on the <Close> button to close the thumbnails bar.

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How to find a stamp set by text search within an album:

Write the search term in the text search field, and press <Enter>. The search results will  be displayed in a separate box.
Scroll and click on the page you want to display, and that  page is displayed.
If this is not what you are looking for, simply select another page, or  make a new search.
Close the result box when you are finished.

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 How to zoom within an album to look at details:

Click on the <Zoom> button, or simply double-click on an album page to zoom in or out.
When you are in zoom mode you can use the mouse roller-button to zoom.
The view indicator will show where you are on the page. To move the area, simply click in the green indicator area and drag to what you want to see.
You can also click  on the album and drag the picture to a new location.
To exit the zoom function, just double-click on the album, or press the <Zoom> button.

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