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This album includes an introduction of Ethiopia’s ancient history, foreign stamps used on mail from Ethiopia before the first Ethiopian stamps, but mainly the first set of 7 small Menelik and Lion of Juda stamps and all their overprints used during Emperor Menelik’s reign.

Some of these overprints were never officially issued, and only a few of them were used on mail. This means that completing this album with covers for all sets will be very difficult. Even though I have included space for covers for all sets in hope that I will be able to aquire at least some of them in the future. These covers are very expensive, but not impossible to find, and it will therefore take some time to complete this album.

1868-1911 page INDEX with links to scans of front and back of the covers:
Foreign stamps used on mail from Ethiopia before issue of the first Ethiopian stamps:
1868 The Napier Expedition <F.F.> overprinted Indian stamps (“The Abyssinian Campaign”) (pages 6-7)
1874-96 Italian stamps on Ethiopian mail postmarked in Eritrea (pages 10-11)

The small Menelik II & Lion of Judah definitive stamps with all their overprints:
1895 Menelik II & Lion of Judah definitives (small stamps) (pages 12-13)
1894-96 Postcards (pages 14-15)
1896 ASKEFIL banner overprint (pages18-19)
1901 “Ethiopie” – violet overprint (pages 20-21)
– Postmaster J.A.Michel – about reprints and forgeries (pages 22-23)
– Early forgeries of Ethiopian stamps (pages 24-25)
1902 “Bosta” – violet overprint (pages 26-27)
1903 “Melikt” – black overprint (pages 28-29)
1904 “Milikt”/”Malekath” – black overprint (pages 30-31)
1905 New value overprint (numbers) (pages 32-33)
1905 Harar provisional – various overprints on “Ethiopie”, “Bosta” and “Melikt” (pages 34-35)
1905 Harar provisional – Michel’s Lion, c/m halved stamps and 5 centimes vertical (pages 36-37)
1905 T overprint – without bottom serif (pages 38-39)
1905 T overprint – with bottom serif (pages 40-41)
1905 Taxe à Percevoir + T overprint (pages 42-43)
1906 Menelik type I (large) overprint + numeric value (pages 44-45)
1906 Menelik type I (small) overprint + numeric value (pages 46-47)
1906 Menelik type II overprint + numeric value (pages 48-49)
1907 “Dagmawi” + numeric value overprint (pages 50-51)
1907 Taxe à Percevoir + T and numeric value overprint (pages 52-53)
1908 1 Piastre + scroll overprint on 1/2g (pages 54-55)
1908 Piastre overprint (the first UPU issue) (pages 56-57)
1908 ASKEFIL + T in triangle overprint (pages 58-59)
1911 “AFFF Faute Timb” overprint + hand-written values (pages 60-61)
1906-1908 Foreign stamps used on Ethiopian mail:
1907 Port Said and French Levant stamps used i Ethiopia (pages 62-63)
1907 French Levant stamps used i Ethiopia (pages 64-65)

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