Some of my videos  (most of the texts are in Norwegian)

Camel riding in Sahara

During our visit to Morocco in November 2017, I took a 2-day tour into Sahara with my daugther. We drove for the whole day across the Atlas mountains from Marrakech to Zagora at the outskirts of Sahara.

From there we rode camels for half an hour to a “bedouin” camp. We were met by a dance troup singing traditional Berber songs. After dinner we sat around the camp fire and enjoyed the evening.

Next morning we were up before sunrise, and climbed a nearby hill to watch the sunset over the sand dunes.

Diving in Thailand February 2017

During my vacation in Ao Nang in the Krabi area in Thailand in February 2017, I booked a dive excursion through Stingray Divers. We had 2 dives near the Phi-Phi Islands. I did not have an underwater camera, but a Swedish dive buddy had a GoPro camera and let me have his video footage. 

I edited my own video, and inserted the GoPro video, added music, and you can see the result here:

Ballooning in Kapadocia October 2012

During a round-trip by bus to Kapadocia in October 2012, I had the chance to fly with a hotair balloon over the impressive landscape. We were about 70 balloons in the air at the same time. 

Visiting Khao Sok National Park – Thailand November 2010

2-day trip to Phuket to Khao Sok artificial lake with my daugther, staying overnight on a floating bamboo raft.  Clear warm freshwater with impressive mountains and jungle on all sides. There were no insects at all.

This was the night before full moon, and we could walk around without flashlight. 

We had a night safari along  the nearby shore to look for animals, but did not see many.

Next morning we had an excursion to a cave at a nearby lake. We had to walk through the jungle to get there.

This excursion is highly recommended!

Skiing in Norway 2009

Some of my foreign friends have never seen snow. On request I uploaded this small video that I recorded with a small compact camera a few years back.

The trip from Sollihøgda to Sørsetra and back is about 15 kilometers. This winter day was especially nice, with lots of sunshine and temperatures not more than minus 5-7 degrees Celsius.

It is difficult to film while walking, so the scenes are when I slide down slopes. (Today it would be easy to use a GoPro camera fixed to your head or chest instead of a hand-held compact camera).

 Ethiopia 2002 – driving dust-roads in Mago

Short movie-clips to illustrate highlights from the 3-day round-trip from Konso in Southern Ethiopia through the Mago reserve.

Route: Konso-Weito-Jinka-Mago-Turmi-Weito-Konso.

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